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Kat Arnold is an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story, all for God’s glory! She is a wife, mother and grandmother, but first, a Child of The King!

Kat travels the country sharing her testimony and love for Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior, at churches, schools, camps, conventions, and banquets. Her unique testimony speaks to the heart of men, women and children due to her transparency regarding her personal experiences in many aspects of life, including but not limited to, childhood sexual and physical abuse, divorce, loss of loved ones to death, single parenthood, rape, and a life threatening illness that stopped her breathing four times in just three days.

One of her totally unexpected pathways of ministry was from 2009 - 2016, Kat fished professionally, sponsored by many of the top rated bass fishing industry’s companies. She fished for souls for Christ through the ministry of BOUGHT, CAUGHT & RELEASED…..BOUGHT by the blood, CAUGHT by the golden hook of salvation, RELEASED to share The Good News of Jesus Christ. “That’s Just Me, Kat Arnold.” This is one more example of how God qualifies the unqualified if we are willing and obedient to God’s calling.

Kat was compelled to step out of the boat in 2016, with great expectations of new opportunities but never imagined God opening the door to the airwaves of radio broadcasting. Tune in to hear “With Jesus Love, Just Me” on Miracle 89.1 FM or Promise 90.7 FM for ARK LA TEX TALENT & TESTIMONY.

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